How To Setting The Entry Email Filter In Gmail

The incoming email settings on this filter are intended to group important emails into a special category, by utilizing this incoming email filter.

You can immediately move incoming emails into special folders that you create and also with your email filter. easily sort inbound mail, so that your email inbox is not too full or crowded.

Here I will try to make a tutorial on how to make incoming filters in Gmail

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Following are the steps:

  • The first step of course you have to log in to your Gmail account.
  • In the upper right corner, select the symbol “gear” then select the setting.
  • Then select Filter on the menu tab at the top after that select Create new filter.

After that a window will appear as below which requires us to fill in the fields there.

Please note, that all of these columns are not mandatory so we do not need to fill them all.

In this illustration I will take an example with the name of an email filter with the words AP203 and then select it by creating this search filter in the lower right corner.

Then a window will appear that has several options that you can choose as you wish, for this illustration I will choose Step in the Inbox (Archive) so that the filtered e-mail does not enter the Inbox again, then label it “AP203” after that select Create filter.

Finish, the screen will appear as below, so all e-mails that have been filtered will automatically enter the label “AP203” and will not appear in the Inbox again.

Keep in mind, you can use this method to group your e-mails that you think are important by making special labels on your filters, so you don’t find it difficult to search for important e-mails.

Here’s a tutorial on how to filter incoming email on Gmail, Hopefully it’s useful and good luck.

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